May 2015

Last year’s scholarship round awarded grants to 15 students...

July 2014

This year the Muslim community in Wellington raised a large amount of money for two young people from Shimshal.

November 2013

There is lots of interesting n ews at the moment. I have been saving it up!

March 2013

We have lots of good news again, which is great.

January 2013

First, news about Shenaz, whom we funded to go to Karachi for an operation on her leg...

April 2012

We have lots of good news to report. Including the donation of one person who doubled our collection, we raised $8000 NZ for Shenaz’ treatment...

February 2012

Thanks to the many people who have donated money to help Shenaz get the treatment she needs for her polio‐related health problems...

November 2011

This is a special newsletter about scholarships.

September 2011

We had a fantastic response to the last newsletter, raising nearly $1000 in donations, mostly from the Pakistani Association in New Zealand...

March 2011

This is just a brief letter to update supporters on our WOMAD experience.