The Shimshal Trust

Shimshal is a small farming and herding community situated in the in the Karakoram Mountains of Northern Pakistan, near the border with China.

The Trust was established in 2002 by a small group of friends who had recently visited the village. It is a charitable trust registered with the Charities Commission. The Trust funds scholarships to help students with financial need and promising ability attend high school or university with a particular focus on girls and women.

To fund self-sustaining development projects in the Northern Areas of Pakistan
To raise awareness in New Zealand of the differences between life in New Zealand and life in Pakistan
To encourage links of friendship between New Zealand and Pakistan
  • Women of Shimshal is a fascinating collection of autobiographical tales told by the women of Shimshal, in the remote Karakoram mountains. On the north eastern border of Pakistan, far from the...


During 3rd semester of my post graduate studies, my parents faced a ferocious financial position...

March 2019

Our scholarship round for 2018 has finished, with the award of 18 scholarships...