Fatima Jabeen

Teacher Scholarship 2006

Fatima was President of the Ismaili Council for two terms. In 2006 she spent a year in Islamabad studying English before returning to her job at the DJ school for girls in Shimshal. Read more

Zarif Begum

Student Scholarship 2006

Zarif is now married. Her scholarship enabled her to study in Karachi and graduate in years 11 and 12, matriculation. She would like to study more but her domestic duties may prevent her from doing so. She also needs family permission. Read more

Zulfiqar Baig

Student Scholarship 2007

Zulfiqar graduated with a BA and was working in Rawalpindi. After the death of his father he moved back to Shimshal to suport his family. He teaches Computer skills, English and social Studies at Naw Bahar school in Shimshal, and... Read more

Abid Ali

Student Scholarships 2007 and 2008

Abid  now works for an insurance company in Gilgit. His scholarships helped him to get an honours degree in Business Adminstration. He enjoys his work. Read more

Abdullah Bai

Teacher scholarship 2008

Abdullah Bai works in Islamabad as a photographer for Associated Press Pakistan and an administrator for the Red Crescent. His plans for teaching in Shimshal didn’t work out so he used his scholarship to study photography and enjoys the work... Read more

Rozina Perveen

Student Scholarship 2009

Rozina was 20 years old at the time of this photo, and in her third year of a humanities degree at the Sedna degree college in Aliabad. Rozina has three brothers and a married sister. At the moment her brother, a... Read more

Maliha Sultana

Student Scholarship, 2010

In 2017 Maliha was 17 years old, and also resident in the Shadow Girls’ Hostel, Aliabad. She was studying at a private school because she found that teachers were not reliable at the public school she used to attend. Maliha’s father... Read more

Shenaz Begum

Student Scholarship, 2010

Shenaz would like to be a teacher in Shimshal. She studies Humanities at Hunza public degree college. She would like to continue her studies in Gilgit. Her father is a farmer and she has three sisters and a brother, all... Read more

Marina Sultana

Teacher scholarship 2010

Marina graduated from year 14 at Islamabad Federal Government College for Women. She has been a teacher at DJ school for girls in Shimshal for five years. Last year she completed a short course in Early Childhood Education Montessori method... Read more

Ghulam Mussa

Student scholarship, 2005

During 3rd semester of my post graduate studies, my parents faced a ferocious financial position due to some domestic problems. The deteriorating income of my parents could merely support two of their three sons including me studying in the cities.... Read more

Amjad Karim

Received a scholarship from us in 2005.

He studied in Islamabad . "As far as my degree is concerned, it is bachelor of business administration honours degree. It was three years course, which I have just completed. Now I want to get admission for masters of business... Read more

Anita Akram

A student from Shimshal studying in Karachi.

Let me tell you something about myself. I am doing BA in English from University of Karachi and busy with my 2nd year 3rd semester mid term papers these days.

I have been living in Karachi since 2003. In my... Read more

Karim Samad Khan

Received a scholarship in 2008

My name is Karim Samad Khan, s/o Muhammad Khan. I'm a student of B.COM part one.

My college name is Gilgit College of Commerce and Economics. .GCCE is a new college and this college started his work in Hunza last... Read more

Maheen Amjad

Student scholarship, 2008, 2009

My name is Maheen Amjad. The reason I required this scholarship is my financial condition as my father passed away this year February 11th. He was the only supporter on our family. At the moment we are facing hard time... Read more

Syed Ahmed Khan

Received a scholarship to study in 2008.

My name is Syed Ahmed Khan, son of Mirza Ahmed Khan. I belong to Shimshal Hunza. My father puts up all his efforts to support me ''I salute you dad;'' being a poor student I couldn't access the best reputed... Read more

Saif Ullah

Student scholarship, 2017, 2018, 2019

My name is Saif Ullah, and I am 20 years old. I belong to a remote yet beautiful valley called Shimshal, which is the last village in the Hunza district. We are a family of six members, and I am... Read more