Ghulam Mussa

Student scholarship, 2005

During 3rd semester of my post graduate studies, my parents faced a ferocious financial position due to some domestic problems. The deteriorating income of my parents could merely support two of their three sons including me studying in the cities. The harsh circumstances made it likely I would have to relinquish my studies. It was the reason I applied for the scholarship and thanks to Shimshal Trust for being a helping hand in my bad time.

I am an economist. I studied at Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, completing my Master’s programme in 2006. After completion of my studies I joined the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme in Gilgit with an ambition to work for the marginalized and poor rural communities living in the remote mountain areas of Pakistan. This ambition evolved due to the difficulties in my student life following from the meager economic condition of my parents.

After four years of service with this venerated organization recently I have joined the Aga Khan Education Services for Pakistan, working as Monitoring Evaluation and Research Specialist.

Students from Shimshal are talented enthusiastic and hardworking but the only hurdle in their way to progress is lack of finance. Hardship is the major reason which puts a stop to the studies of talented students from Shimshal. To resolve this issue a sustainable solution is urgently required. I think that the Shimshal Trust has made the first move toward it, and it should be strengthened in the future.

Personally I am now a happy man, enjoying my work and supporting my two brothers financially in their studies, and even sometimes some relatives as well, if required. It is a trickle down effect that I was helped directly but indirectly my brothers and other family members also. I now feel that I should not stay single any more.

My message: The Shimshal Trust is objectively fighting a war against a hurdle to the students in Shimshal (lack of finance) / indirectly against extreme poverty with its minimum resources. I do appeal Shimshal trust to expand its programme because a large part of the students are waiting for your kind support. I also appeal to the donors (philanthropists) contributing to Shimshal Trust, if any, to please kindly donate more and more because you are the people who can help and develop deserving students, who are already facing the toughest challenges posed by nature (living in extremely far-flung and harsh geographical area) as well as the unsustainable economic condition of the country. I hope that the process of change in Shimshal by the dedicated volunteers from abroad as well as local volunteers will strive for accelerating this gracious work.