Maheen Amjad

Student scholarship, 2008, 2009

My name is Maheen Amjad. The reason I required this scholarship is my financial condition as my father passed away this year February 11th. He was the only supporter on our family. At the moment we are facing hard time and it is getting difficult to complete my education. I am doing BBA from Pakistan Air Force Institute of Economics and Technology. I am an active student in my university. I am an editor of my university’s magazine Campus o’ clock, head registrar in KES i.e. KIETs Entrepreneurial Society, head cooperate liaison in HRS i.e. Human Resource Society, I am also recently appointed as a Teaching Assistant for subject English-I and I am the head trainee of MOC (Master of Ceremony). That’s my University’s activities; apart from that I have worked 2 years in Aga Khan University Hospital as a volunteer; my work over there was to assist my boss with research and development. Moreover, I played an effective role in Admin. I worked in following departments in AKUH, Operating Room, Alumni, and CHC. For financial problem, I am giving tuitions at my home and I go to coaching center to check papers. It is getting really tough for me to deal with this. This is affecting my education and the output is not ample and satisfactory.