Shimshal Trust projects

Although the Shimshal Trust focuses on funding scholarships, over the years we have also been involved in raising money for specific projects in collaboration with other organisations such as the Morgan Foundation and Rotary.  Recently, we have worked with the KIWI-MADAD, a small group of Kiwi-volunteers, who raise funds to help people in need, both in New Zealand and overseas, for education, medical treatment, post-surgery rehabilitation/living expenses during treatment and disaster relief.  Kiwi-Madad works with organisations who have local people on the ground to enable regular feedback on progress and the results of projects.

Our current project is supporting 11 girls, all orphans, who are living at Al Shams Girls Hostel in Aliabad, the nearest town to Shimshal on the Karakoram Highway.  The girls need money for education, fees to stay at the hostel and the costs of books, travel and their school uniform.  Since 2016, Kiwi Madad, through the generosity and support of their members, have raised the yearly sum needed by each of the girls and the Trust channels the money to Pakistan.


Other Projects

The following are other projects that the Trust has supported since it was established.


2016: Al Shams Girl’s hostel in Aliabad

Supporters of the Trust helped Hussn Bibi set up her new girls’ hostel in Aliabad. She needed solar panels, a washing machine, and a water tank.  

2014-15: Ariba Ali

Ariba Ali, a five-year-old girl who needed cochlear implant urgery, post-surgery rehabilitation and subsequent time at a school for the deaf to learn how to speak, was supported by the Kiwi-Madad Group.

2014: Azher-u-din

Azhar-u-din, a 12 years old boy, who had leukemia.  The Trust and Kiwi-Madad Group supported his treatment and Azhar has now recovered.

2013: Women’s Vocational Centre

The Women's Vocational Centre was funded through the Trust by South Wairarapa Rotary. The purpose of the centre is to provide a space where women can share their skills and experience.

2012-2015: Shenaz

Shenaz’s operations for a polio related disability, post-operation rehabilitation and living expenses while having treatment in Karachi were funded by donations from the Kiwi Madad Group and Trust supporters.  The group has also helped support her education following her recovery.

2008: Jamsheed

Funding for Jamsheed’s operation on his club foot was funded by donations from the Kiwi Madad Group and Trust supporters (read Jamsheed’s report of his recovery and how his life changed after the operation in our August 2011 newsletter)

2003-2004: Hussn Bibi spent a year in New Zealand studying English

Hussn, a teacher from the village, studied English at the Campbell Institute and passed her International English Language test (IELTS) with very good grades at the end of her stay.

2001: Khizerabad school

A school in Khizerabad, a neighborhood of Shimshal, was funded by South Wairarapa Rotary (photo below of the school under construction).