Rozina Perveen

Student Scholarship 2009

Rozina was 20 years old at the time of this photo, and in her third year of a humanities degree at the Sedna degree college in Aliabad. Rozina has three brothers and a married sister. At the moment her brother, a jeep driver, pays for her education. Rozina wants to be a social worker in Gilgit. She’d like to marry and have two children, and continue to work. Rozina has one more year to do at Sedna and then she hopes to do a three year course at university. Rozina boarded at the Shadow Girls’ hostel in Aliabad because she could focus on study. If she were flatting she would inevitably spend her time cooking and cleaning. The Trust scholarship pays for about 6 months fees at the college and the hostel. In this photo, Rozina is dressed up for a performance put on at her college for the Ginani festival.