Syed Ahmed Khan

Received a scholarship to study in 2008.

My name is Syed Ahmed Khan, son of Mirza Ahmed Khan. I belong to Shimshal Hunza. My father puts up all his efforts to support me ''I salute you dad;'' being a poor student I couldn't access the best reputed institutions for better education. My family has always supported me financially because I am the first person in family who is doing graduation. I am doing B.COM(bachelor in commerce) from the Government college of commerce and management sciences, Mansehra. Mansehra is a beautiful city of Sarhad province. It is about 700 km from my home (Shimshal).I have been here for last two years doing my graduation. It takes two years to complete and I am in the last year. The main subjects I am studying are 1)Financial accounting 2)Cost accounting 3)Income tax law 4)Auditing 5)Accounting Information system 6)Business communication 7)Statistics. It costs about $1200 including residence to complete the bachelor’s degree ($600 each year). I am thankful to the Shimshal Trust for granting me a scholarship and helping my parents. It really reduced the problem which my family had been facing for many years. After my graduation it is my desire to take admission in MBA (masters in business administration). It will take further two years to complete the masters. But still it is only a dream for me because my parents will not be able to afford further burden. So I will have to do some job to complete my masters. I am the elder son and now it is my duty to look after them. In this fourteen years of educational journey I found many supporters: my parents , my respectable teachers, my villagers and a great personality from New Zealand Miss Pam. She remained my teacher for six months in Shimshal and still her love and kindness is continued. I would like to thank them all for their valuable support and love.